Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: Alabaster Wolves #2

Tyrone's Review:
Our journey continues into the post apocalyptic world of “Alabaster Wolves,” Dancy Flammarion, and the horrific adventure that follows. I’m really in to this series and I’m thankful that Dark Horse comics continues to take risks on stories that may otherwise be untold. This story is dark, gritty and full of supernatural horror.

The story is a continuation directly from the previous issue. Dancy is left sick, with an infection from her battle with a werewolf and must find antiseptic and shelter. Being religious she equates sanctuary with the house of god, so seeks refuge within an abandoned church which is when things get interesting. Caitlin R. Kiernan has a great hold on these characters and this world. The writing style is very dark and full of suspense and the issue plays like a horror film. The characterizations are unique and engaging while the supernatural plot creates a story that shouldn’t be missed.

The art on “Alabaster Wolves” is perfection. It is a cohesive meld with the written script. There is a dynamic created with Dancy and the contrast with the world she’s navigating, She is very light and the world is gritty and dark, which pulls the reader even deeper into the scary plot. I feel Lieber and Rosenberg have added a whole dimension to the story.

This is a great comic with synchronistic writing and art! You can tell a lot of care goes into this book on all aspects of creation. With original concept and characters I believe this is one of the best books being published right now and it would be a shame for any horror fan to miss.

Steven's Review:
This is a great time for comics as we are seeing an influx of authors extending there realm of influence with some absolutely amazing work.  Personally I had not heard of Caitlin R. Kiernan before the first issue of this series and so far I’ve found the world she has created here to have this unique charm, wonder as well as a delightfully creepiness to it that makes this a delight to read.
So it would appear that Dancy is just a tad unhinged I mean she claims to have an Angel who looks out for her and she is traveling with a talking bird.  Okay yes she claims she is here to kill monsters, literal monsters mind you and as we are seeing in her world they definitely exist.  There also seems to be a large amount of anger inside her as well.  All of this combined is enough that I want to keep learning more and more about her. 
Steve Lieber’s illustrations are so in tune with the story that the effect is almost mesmerizing.  He really knows how to make the most of his craft and seems to inherently capture the heart of what he’s drawing.  We’re also lucky that Rachelle Rosenberg is doing the colouring here she’s managed to make Steve’s illustrations that much more enticing.  These two really do work well together.
So I have to say so far Dancy is a complex and interesting character.  We’ve seen her guardian angel in a flashback last issue and then she killed a Werewolf.  This time around the scratch she received that last issue is becoming infected, and the bird is constantly reminding us that it smells gross and she needs to find a way to help her arm heal.  Now I also have to say the dialogue between her and the bird was fun to read, there was something about it, that the bird was annoying however correct and that she was trying her hardest to fix her wounds.  It really did have that something special that you rarely see anymore.
I have to wonder though had she been able to adequately treat her wound would this issues fight have ended differently.  Don’t get me wrong what transpired inside that church was fun to watch but she wasn’t a hundred percent.  I guess that was intentional since we get to see another young lady who has a use for Dancy.  I mean if she could kill her sire she’ll useful to her right.  Ah that stupid bird, well not technically, just sits there watches and talks instead of doing much to help Dancy.
I am also looking forward to learning why she is so special as we’ve other character say that about her.  I like the format of this book, telling the story arcs in mini-series form so that we get the story as it should be told without needless filler.  Dark Horse has something special with this series.

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