Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review: Saga #3

What can I say? Three issues in and I have already fallen in love with this comic. Already living up to it’s epic name, the scale of the story is evident with each word spoken and each action taken by the characters.

And speaking of characters, I have been aware of Fiona Staples for some time now, having followed her work with North 40 and Mystery Society.

Besides having immense talent with choreography, art and colors, one thing she really excels at is character design (be my guest and check out those books that I name dropped and you come back here and tell me you don't agree with me). It's amazing where she actually pulls them from. For me, this is one of the hooks of this book. And I am really proud how my fellow Calgarian has taken the steps to rock star status with the exposure this comic is getting. 

As for the writing, considering who writes this comic, how can we expect anything less? The relationships between the characters are so honest and real, it’s beautiful. The villains have depth and often personality, and those who don’t are quite literally robots, which is cool in itself.

Quality stuff. I am extremely excited to see what happens next especially with that cliffhanger ending! If you want to try something else outside of the big two, then this is the place where you start!

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