Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: Lobster Johnson #5

Ghouls and guns galore in this issue. Johnson and his crew attempt to locate and take down Annie Wald, the mob boss who Johnson has been after since the start of this series. Like any good plan things always go awry, and the do go awry in a big way in this issue. While not everything is wrapped up in a nice little bow, plots are resolved and things are left open for what I hope will be the next Lobster Johnson series. One of the best things about this mini series, it the character of Cindy Tynan. A reporter who has stuck her nose in to something bigger than herself. She is our eyes into the world of Johnson and his crew.

Cindy has been the lynch pin of this mini. She is a driven individual who's need to find out the truth no matter what puts her in dangerous situations. But she is by no means a helpless character. When she is backed against a wall the claws come out and she can take care of herself.

Tonci Zonjic finished up this series in style. His clean artwork and fluid storytelling really propelled this series from a good Lobster Johnson story, to a great Lobster Johnson series. His art has the feel of Alex Toth, no line is wasted or unnecessary. Arcudi and Mignola have been spinning BPRD and Lobster Johnson yarns for a while. They never cease to make these stories compelling and interesting. In fact the usually just keep getting better as time goes on.

Another good Lobster Johnson mini series has come to a close. And with it comes the bitter sweetness of having just enjoyed a great comic, but then realizing it may be a while before the next Lobster Johnson mini series. Hopefully it won't be as long as the wait between the two that have come out so far. If pulp is your thing, or you enjoy Hellboy and BPRD, you should be reading this book.

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