Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review: Bloodstrike #28

The former Extreme Studios continues to find resurgence here at Image Comics as Bloodstrike firmly reestablishes itself.  Tim Seeley does the honors with getting us up to date on the goings on of Cabbot Stone. The numbering says that this is truly a continuation since the last run and I kind of like that, saying hey we’re back and better than ever.
I also liked the opening page with the credits since it also says who’s who and what their capabilities are. 

That is greatly appreciated and gives the reader a chance to flip back and go this character can do…. It is a great tool to have. 
So Cabbot can regenerate himself inside some tube thing.  He was referred to as “Dead Muscle” so that makes me wonder is he dead?  Is Cabbot a walking, talking, fully functioning government lackey zombie man?  Ah we learn because of the idiot who’s in charge, and I’m being nice when I call him that people I’d like to use harsher words but that would be me sinking a level or two.  Let’s just say he’s a first class one and move one from there.
I remember the Nu Genes well Cabbot’s dad was their advocate if you will and while he was in Afghanistan fighting mummies, yes real mummies, the rest of the team was off killing his father.  Now a group of Nu Genes calling themselves the Quanta have attacked Georgetown killing a bunch of innocent college students in retaliation.  Meanwhile Cabbot has his hands full.
He’s being visited telepathically by some dude who is showing him the utopia where they live and it’s what the mummies were talking about last issue.   He also comes with a warning and some advice which if he can recall it would be a good thing.  After this what else could happen, Murphy’s Law anyone, well his brother shows up and pulls him of his regenerative container and the two fight.  This is when Cabbot learns that dear old dad is dead.  See his brother is pissed because he wasn’t the one to do it.  Ah sibling rivalry when it comes to Patricide is never a good thing.
Well it turns out dad’s head is still functioning and in a container in a room with a bunch of other heads.  Should prove interesting if somehow he gets a hold of a cloned body or something that is how I see thing progressing.
Overall I gotta say that I’m intrigued by this book.  I don’t know if I would say it is one that I’ll stick with long term but a story arc to give it a proper chance is in order after all the story telling is solid, characterization is good and things are interesting.  Plus the art is pretty darn good too.

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