Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Review: Ragemoor #3

The story of the living monolith that is Ragemoor continues, In this third issue of four the mystery of Ragemoor’s creation and intent with the current inhabitants unfolds. This issue has a little resolve but offers a lot more questioned and has me rather excited about the concluding fourth issue.

The art on Ragemoor has been something special. I’m not usually a fan of Corben’s work, I was rather unimpressed with “Hellboy,” but I really feel he’s in his groove here.

The artwork is dark and gritty and perfectly compliments the eerie tale. The way Corben has taken Strnad’s words and transformed them into what we see on the page is nothing short of amazing. The story could easily become something tacky or with an excess of camp but the combination of the art and script make this book more believable and enjoyable in one fell swoop.

The story of “Ragemoor” is not a simple one, Jan Strnad has created a perfectly twisted and enthralling story. There is an old time horror feel to the book and with every passing page there is a chance and a probability that the story will change dramatically. Strnad’s telling of this story is incredibly fresh and original while keeping a tie to the aspects of old horror or science fiction stories that are easily recognized and appreciated. A lot has changed from the opening to the close of this issue and I am left eagerly waiting for the finishing of this book.

As the story of “Ragemoor” concludes this issue serves as an essential build up. Offering questions and answers with great art and story. It would truly be a shame for any fan or horror or supernatural tales to miss. The third issue of “Ragemoor” as with the rest of the series thus far has been a joy to read and I am sure the series will end with a bang which I’m not going to miss.

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