Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oliver's Reviews: Angel and Faith #10, Star Wars: Boba Fett is Dead #2, Witchblade #156

Angel and Faith #10
This is a really fun issue and a gorgeous looking one at that! Chris Samnee! That's all the hook you need!

I hope he stays awhile in this book (no offence to the current artist.) This issue almost reads like a done in one. What with some unexpected visitors into Faith's humble abode. We then stumble upon some very interesting characters and delve into the secret history of another.

What can I say? Gage was really firing on all cylinders with this one. I have been somewhat awed and somewhat disappointed with his last arc (note: hit or miss) but with this issue, it seems...feels like he had any sort of shackles that  was hindering him, removed from his writing muscles. It felt relaxed, less stiff...a breathe of fresh air! I hope we get more of that from him!
Seriously kids, this is fun stuff! Great humour especially when...more unexpected visitors came to the house! With the recap page, that would bring you up to speed with all the things you needed to know! This would be a very good jumping on point for this series.

Star Wars: Bobba Fett is Dead #2

A reveal this issue that might somewhat dampen the fire of this series...but regardless of that, I still enjoyed this series. The art is just phenomenal! You just have to appreciate the time an effort that the artist went through to produce such a pretty looking book!

The story, I would rate as somewhat's not that it's bad, it's just feels like I've read it before in another story. Don't get me wrong though, this series is still very enjoyable what with the events near the end/ final pages. THAT, I would love to see play out.

And as a Star Wars fan, I do love venturing out of Jedi territory from time to time.....especially if it involves clones or Mandalorians. That always proves to be a fine read wether it be in prose or graphic form.

Some might see the events of this issue as coming from a mile away, but still it's worth the shillings that you would dole out. Rest assured, you will be entertained.

Witchblade #156

This new direction for Witchblade I think, is something that this title needs. Call it a soft reboot if you will, but this series actually reads like it was something that came out of the new 52. I really love it a lot.
And this issue, a done in one (that seems to be the theme for the week) just reinforces that love.
 Sara gets involved in the life of her supporting characters and encounters something that might have a significant effect in her life later.  The focus of the story is very interesting to me as I have never seen ghost stories done in a mainstream comic for a while now.

I am a little disappointed with the ending but still, the ride was really worth it. What with the great art inside.

This issue is 32 pages because of Bendis-like bonus content ( a regular feature of this book) usually, I don't care for it, but the one in this book, I actually like because of the subject matter...Ghosts! 

Very good issue! Witchblade is up there among the best non-big two books out in the market today! I suggest you check it out!

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