Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: Fatale #5

In case you haven't heard Fatale by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips has been the big hit of 2012! This latest issue wraps up the first arc of this amazing horror story and with beautiful results, its a great story with perfectly complimented art! 

Things get really interesting in this issue, the mood is tense, its action packed with things get a little gritty...and people are getting shot in the face left right and centre!

This arc has come together nicely and I feel a bit more clued in to whats going on as the story develops, but Brubaker has loads more to come with this story and things are still very mysterious and I love it! As I've read this series you can see how all the men  are intoxicated by the beauty of Josephene, the mysterious leading lady of this tale but the more I read this comic the more and more I sympathise with the men who have been pulled into her life and with no doubt horrible consequences, Im sure they have a great time with her but I cant help thinking that its going to end badly for them! overall this was a great issue with loads of action and plot turns to keep you pulled into the story.

Brubaker and Phillips are an amazing combo and I know that whenever I see their names together I am not going to be disappointed. When asking my local comic shop owner for a good trade to buy he recommended Criminal and I've been a fan of the duo since, I absolutely love Incognito and thought that would be very hard to top but Fatale hasn't disappointed. This is definitely a comic I will be recommending to my friends looking for a good read and if you're not already reading the series pick it up! and best of all the timing is perfect to jump on as the first five issues have been collected in the Trade "
Fatale vol 1: Death Chases Me ".

There are many reasons why I love this comic, firstly I'm a big fan of crime and the duo excel in this department but they have kept things thresh by taking on the Horror genre and it been pretty damn good! The second reason I love it is because of the art! every issue has had a beautiful cover that really stands out from all the other comics on the shelves and the art inside is equally as good, you really believe that Josephine is as beautiful as the story suggests and why every man in the comic loves her. Oh and another reason I love this comic is that the story is not interrupted constantly with adverts!  

So go do yourself a favour and go buy it, you will not be disappointed as this comic is excellent value for money and really stands out to other comics on the shelves!

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