Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Review: Mind the Gap #1

There have been a lot of really unique stories being told through the independent publishers of late which means to stand out an issue or series has to be something really special. We’re only one issue into “Mind the Gap” and I already feel like I’ve read the best comic of 2012. In this first issue we are introduced to a menagerie of characters all surrounding the main protagonist, Ellis. Ellis has been admitted into a hospital where she lays unresponsive in a coma. When we get to see things from Ellis’ point of view the situation becomes very beautiful and the race is on to discover the mystery of her attacker who has been named but not identified within this phenomenal first issue.

McCann has created a wildly intense story that is captivating right from the first page on to the last. The use of character is ever present and seemingly very important to the story, I feel like I know each character introduced even if they had little to no dialogue. There is a much bigger story surrounding the incident that landed Ellis in her current state and I feel McCann has done a lovely job of weaving mystery into this thrilling first issue. There are certainly dark aspects to this story, I mean the whole plot is centered around a very dark event, but McCann has written the story so well that I’m left with hope and intrigue and I simply can’t wait to see where this story goes or rather has been.

The art on both cover is done by “Morning Glories” cover artist Rodin Esquejo and colorist Sonia Oback. Their work on “Mind the Gap” is flawless, I believe it is perfectly complimentary to the issue. There are little details and expressions that add to the mystery and ethereal scenes of the book, one scene where Ellis transforms really stood out as her hair moved into a braid, it was beautiful. I think the level of detail allows for a truly beautiful story to be told in such an abstract setting the artists have helped make “Mind the Gap” into the amazing story that it is.

With Esquejo’s beautiful art and McCann’s amazing writing “Mind the Gap” is one issue it would be a crime to miss. There is an elegance within these pages and I really believe McCann has done some of his best work with this project. The story of Ellis and the mystery that surrounds her is just beginning and If you read one comic this month make it “Mind the Gap.”

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