Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review: Reset #2

Reset is the story of the testing of a new virtual reality tool that will allow the user to re-explore their past and choices without having an effect on their present. The premise is fantastic and the comedic art style creates a lovely balance with the story. Even if time travel has been done before this presents a new angle with a fresh result.

In the second issue writer and artist, Peter Baggie, brings us back into the lab.

With a direct continuation from issue one. The writing is comedic and dark, while examining the sad life of a failed comedian. The issue shows his heart as he tackles hard issues like illness and parental divorce. I really enjoy this book and while it may not be conventional the follow through is great.

Baggie’s art style is what makes this book work so well. Often during heavy scenes the style of Baggie’s cartooning offers a balance and allows the reader to not get bogged down by the content. Many times through the issue I laughed out loud, that doesn’t happen a lot when I read a comic. The style is unique, and enjoyable.

While “Reset” isn’t a comic for everyone I believe some will truly love it. There is a lot revealed this issue in regard to the institution and their motives and if you enjoyed the first issue I would say you will love issue two just as much.

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