Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Creator Roundup

This week, Dan Hipp celebrates the Avengers release, Jeff Smith is nearly done with RASL, Bryan Lee O'Malley makes Scott Pilgrim more colourful, Skottie Young's not a puppet, he's a real boy, Ben Templesmith uses the force, Eric Canete parks, Chrissie Zullo updates her blog, therefore making my week, Beck Cloonan previews The Mire, Peter Nguyen embraces his inner nerd, Matteo Scalera interprets Chew, Craig Thompson does a cover and Sean Phillips makes a poster.

Dan Hipp celebrates avengers week with this piece:

Jeff Smith Has been hard at work on the penultimate issue of RASL:

It’s crunch time. I’m finishing up the inks on RASL #14 so we can send it out next week. That means I’m stocking up on Pellegrino, turkey slices, and jalapenos (my munchies of choice!), so I can power through the next couple of days. This is the second to last issue, so a lot story threads are starting to come together – - that’s why you see so many older issues of RASL strewn around my desk for reference.

Bryan Lee O'Malley has some preview pages for The coloured editions of Scott Pilgrim:

Skottie Young warms up with a bit of Pinnochio action:
Pinnocchio bw

Ben Templesmith adds to his growing collection of TempleSith art:

Eric Canete provides a feast for the eyes, including this:

Chrissie Zullo make's my heart sing, so I'm posting a few of her new pics. Enjoy.
Cassie Hack and Cindy Team up.



- Becky Cloonan previews her upcoming book The Mire:

Peter Nguyen sketched Chamber and a rag-tag group of mutants:

Matteo Scalera interprets Chew for The SindieCate:

Craig Thompson shows of his cover to Tim Seeley's forthcoming book Revival:

Sean Phillips added some new posters to his CafePress, including this Fatale poster:

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