Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review: Resident Alien #1

Surviving a crash landing that ruins his spaceship, a stranded alien hopes to live quietly undercover in the sleepy town of Patience, USA, masquerading as Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle—a semi-retired doctor. He has some alien powers of empathy and the ability to mask his odd appearance from most people, which comes in handy after the local police chief enlists Harry’s help to investigate the murder of Patience’s longtime real doctor. At the end of our last issue, Harry was returning to the town’s clinic to do some late-night research . . .

First impression upon completing this issue, Utterly Charming!  Seriously this was just utterly charming and who knew.  Dark Horse has been on a tear lately putting out some incredibly good stuff of late.  Co-Creators Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse have managed to impress me with this offering in a way that was completely unexpected.  When I originally read the preview for this title I had decided to pass.  Thankfully I’ve been given the chance to review this book and in doing so they’ve changed my mind. 
While Harry adjusts to life on Earth he’s still hoping someone from home is going to come looking for him.  Meanwhile he’s masquerading as a Doctor trying to blend in which is almost funny if he weren’t also trying to just blend into the background while being thrust into a spotlight role.  The Mayor has pressed him into service for a bit longer while the search for a replacement Doctor continues.
Though if truth be told I’m thinking the Mayor would just as well like it if Harry were to permanently take on the role himself.
The small town characters are rather well fleshed out and completely believable.  It is almost like seeing a slice of life from maybe the time of Andy Griffith except were dealing with drug addicts and aliens. 
Harry is still helping to determine who killed the Doctor and things are getting more and more complicated as the story unfolds.  It’s well paced, well plotted and the characterization is incredibly well done just look at the great dialogue throughout.  The art is just as good here as the writing.  These two gentlemen have really gone the full monty here and it is just a delight to see.  When you care about what you are doing it shows on the pages and us as readers can’t help but be impressed by it.
Two more issues to go and I look forward to seeing how this all plays out.  I also have a nagging suspicion that Harry will find himself staying in town as their permanent Doctor and wanting to do just that.  I guess we’ll see if I’m right.

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