Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review: BPRD Hell on Earth: The Devil's Engine

The Devil's Engine is a new 3 part story from Mike Mignola and John Arcudi expanding upon the Hellboy universe. The Devils Engine continues on from Hell on Earth and the aftermath of the "Frog War" a story that goes right back to "Seeds of Destruction", the first Hellboy storyline. In the aftermath of the Frog War things aren't looking good! This Story follows B.R.P.D. Field agent Andrew Devon and new crew member the Psychic called Fenix and a nice train journey but whats that? Fenix has a "bad feeling about it"! and the story goes from there!.

This is pretty good for an opening issue of a small mini and it definitely pulls you in and asking for more by the end of this issue. The art is really nice, it must be hard to follow in Mignola's footsteps but Tyler Crook does a great job. I find it hard to like Fenix especially knowing she shot the lovable Abe Sapien! but she's the main character for this 3 part series so I need to get past that! The most interesting part of this issue for me personally was the little teaser you get for Zinco's new project! 

When it was announced that Hellboy was going to be killed off it upset me but also left me with a lot of questions as to what would happen with the universe that his adventures has presented, would Mignola move onto a fresh new project? would the B.R.P.D continue without him? well the adventures of the B.R.P.D have continued and its been pretty epic, the characters are fantastic and the writing is brilliant, Hellboy may have been the star of show but the B.R.P.D has been just as enjoyable and its really interesting to see where things are going. Its certainty leading to something big and The Devils Engine is a must for all the Mignola fans out there!  

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