Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Creator Roundup

This week, Dan Hipp is strangely absent, Terry Moore is awesome, Moon and Ba go to Italy, Charles Soule is strangely attractive, Jeff Smith get's more cute fan mail, Brian Wood teases The Massive, Skottie Young has a sweet tooth, Bryan Lee O'Malley is brutally honest, Templesmith draws a tuscan raider, Jeremy Bastian blows my mind... again, Brandon and Marian Graham are the cutest couple ever, Dave Johnson, Francesco Francavilla, Jim Mahfood and Phillip Bond get wet, Mike Choi goes cycloptic extraterrestrial, Phil Noto pays respects to MCA and Mike Allred has no fear.

Terry Moore teases his SiP story for next year and answers questions about getting work distributed and finding an artist:

For a writer to find an artist they can bond with, they’re going to have to go where the wild things are… like the “artist alley” section at comic book conventions—always a ton of talent behind those tables just looking for opportunity. There is the classic website, DeviantArt, where artists have pages with their own galleries and easy contact/interaction. And, this would require some shopping around but, I have to tell you, Tumblr is jammed with artists posting their work. It’s a big universe so you have to surf around, but the tumblr system is easy to navigate and you can see more artists in one hour than you could in a year of flipping through books. To get you started, the link I’m giving for them is set to show results for comic artists. Happy shopping!
If none of that works, try the hotel bar at your local comic convention and be prepared to buy drinks. A lot of drinks. Artists are notoriously bribeable.

Moon and Ba put together this video of there time at Napoli Comicon, Italy

Charles Soule plugs his new book, Strange Attractions:

- Jeff Smith posts the cutest fan letter ever. click the link to see the accompanying photos:
Dear Mr. Smith:
My name is Tressely. I love to draw. I think you are a great artist. I love the ending of Little Mouse Gets Ready, because it was like, POOF! No clothes. I really like how you drew the book. The mice are cute. I think the BONE books are funny too, especially the snow that goes WHUMP! and just falls out of the sky. My daddy has a shirt like Phoney Bone. Me and my twin brother hit it and act like we are invincible like when the Mario Bros. get invincible because of stars.
Tressley Chapman (1st grade)

Brian Wood previews some art for The Massive:

Skottie Young warms up with Sweet Tooth:
Sweet Tooth orig

Bryan Lee O'Malley tells fans what he really thinks:
Q. According to Barney Stinson in the show How I Met Your Mother, in every relationship there is a reacher and a settler. The reacher is the person in the relationship who is dating someone outside of their range. The settler is the person who is dating below their range; in other words, they could do better. In all of Scott’s relationships (Knives, Envy, Ramona) who do you think is the settler and who is the reacher?
A. first of all, this is a horrifying question. Taking relationship cues from a ‘womanizer’ stereotype character on a tv sitcom is a bad idea for your life. This ‘theory’ is reductionist and shallow. It’s a false dichotomy based on arbitrary rankings of real live people. Yes, you can boil anything down to two types of whatever, but that doesn’t mean it’s the ONLY WAY the world works. The world and the people in it are infinitely complex.
Knives, Envy and Ramona are all presented as complicated women, each traveling along their own character arcs. It seems like Scott ‘settles’ for Knives, but when she starts growing up and becoming ‘sexy’, Scott panics and runs away. You could say Scott is ‘reaching’ for the famous & hot Envy, but then you realize he started dating her when she was a boring college student wearing baggy clothes. And with Scott/Ramona, both of them are reaching in their own way — Scott reaching for someone beautiful and fascinating (he’s shallow), and Ramona reaching for someone she thinks is decent and good.
Q. i was pretty shocked when stills came out. have u met anyone who, like stills, gave up on his manhood out of a failed relationship? is stills the kind who would stay gay or is it a phase, like ramona’s case with roxie?
A. this is another horrifying question! Thanks!
Scott’s line “Julie turned you gay?!” is a JOKE. Girls do not turn boys gay. That’s not how it works. Also, being gay is not ‘giving up your manhood’. Gay men are still men.

Ben Templesmith does a sand person for TempleSith Tuesday:

Jeremy Bastian has a ton of new sketches on his site, including this one:

Brandon Graham shares some personal life, and his wife marian decided to re-write the end of Mass Effect in comic form. below are Brandon's work and page one of Marian's work:

Neil Gaiman gave the commencement address for the University of Arts in Philadelphia:

Dave Johnson, Francesco Francavilla, Jim Mahfood and Phillip Bond get wet on WhatNot:

Mike Choi draws Allen the Alien for SindieCate:

Phil Noto pays respects to Adam MCA Yauch:

Mike Allred is excited about his upcoming guest spot on Daredevil:
DD cropped

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