Thursday, May 24, 2012

On the Cover: Chris Bachalo

Born in Canada but raised in California, Chris Bachalo's first published comic art was in Sandman #12. His style is quite divisive, and has evolved int a very quirky, hyper-stylised aesthetic. Whether you love his work or hate it, It's pretty hard to deny the fact the he has a great eye for design when it comes to covers. Check out a showcase of his covers after the jump!

There's a real sense of fun to his work, which can often be a little hard to read straight away, but instantly grabs the eye.

The feeling of weight and motion in the below covers is perfect. I love the contrasting 'punching' covers - the negative space contrasts well with motion of the subject.

Negative space is so important in design, and Bachalo uses it to great effect. the main subjects pop, and it creates subtle death.

Bachalo has a great sense of humour and is not afraid to have a laugh with his covers.

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