Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Review: Avengelyne #8

This is the first of Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studio’s characters to returns in her own series. Rob’s only involvement he has with this particular series though are the covers he is doing. Which by the way are pretty darn good, much better than the ones I’ve seen him doing lately over at DC. Instead we get Mark Poulton doing the story telling and the art chores are done by Owen Gieni, whose unique style gives the story content a rather unique charm.

This series has been focusing on Avengelyne as the fallen Angel and the whole religious aspects. However the nice thing is that this isn’t preachy about the religion we see on the page nor is it passing judgment either. So what we do get is a fun story with incredible characterization and a look into someone else view of God and religion. All in all it really is what I consider an overlooked Gem.

I like that Heaven is still around, after being possessed by Avengelyne and subsequently getting her body back she has remained a nice stalwart member of the cast. The two women are becoming best friends and have a bond that no one other than perhaps a twin could fathom. Not only does Heaven keep her grounded and in a way reminding her of what she is fighting for but also brings out her personality in a way that in all honesty is rather delightful.

This issue does a great job in setting up a story that I have a feeling will not end with next issue. We are also introduced to a new player on the heavenly scene and it will be interesting to see what becomes of him.

Passover isn’t just time of year anymore as he is a big part of this book as well. Though it seems he is becoming more and more his father’s servant than a being who has more free will and can think for himself. This leads me to that whole “vengeful god” idea that we hear about since he really is a shoot first ask questions later kind of Angel. I do like the contrast of him in and out of uniform, in uniform he looks likes this big hulking brute while out of it he is more akin to a monk in a Monastery and that is fun.

This book is very well crafted, we get action/adventure, romance, bromance plus some incredible dialogue and characterization by Poulton. In a world brought to life by Owen Gieni which is cute and charming while also being somewhat powerful at the same time. This is a good solid book that is really very enjoyable.

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