Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review: Danger Club #2

What happens when a threat so great heads towards Earth and all the adults, heroes and villains alike unite to stop it only they don’t and never return.   Leaving their teenaged sidekicks without supervision without guidance and this in some cases results in tragedy.  A war is coming and the kids need to prepare themselves.  They need to unite into one force capable of defending their home.
They also need to convince the Government that they aren’t a threat as well.

  Last issue we saw Kid Apollo try to enslave the population as his subjects.  How can they overcome such a negative image now?   How many of those kids who were following Apollo are going to work with Kid Vigilante and the others?
Wow okay so the first issue introduced us to the world in general without getting into anything too specific.  This time around we get some incredible characterization along with enough information to see that the road ahead is not going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination.  Landry Q. Walker remember this name folks because I have a feeling this is the project that puts him squarely on the map for some time to come.
His scripting is absolutely fantastic, the pacing, the action/adventure scenes mixed with some heavy emotional turmoil and then he is still mixing humor and intense drama into the blender as well.   Not only that but as this story continues to go on we see the world he has created for them revealed slowly and at a pace that perfectly gives you just enough to realize how bad things are for these kids.
He has quite the accomplice in Eric Jones too.  His work really is able to convey so much on the page, regardless if it is facial expressions or if it is wordless combat he has the skill to tell you almost everything you need to know visually.  Oh and the first intro page with the whole retro style on it too is just incredible.  Michael “Rusty” Drake is his colourist, though he did have some assists from Derek Hunter, who is able to really hammer it all home.
This book could be the most underrated best book to have come out this year.  It certainly seems to me that Image has its hand on the pulse of greatness these days and isn’t shy to put it out there.  This isn’t just a super-hero story, but one of survival, the things you are forced to do as well as a coming of age story set against an almost Apocalyptic back drop.  This is only issue two people if you haven’t tried it yet I suggest you give this a serious look!

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