Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review: Steed and Mrs Peel #5

I find it rather strange how Grant Morisson left with 2 issues remaining in the book. But nonetheless, this comic has pretty much kept the tone set by the previous arc.

You wouldn't really notice the personnel change as it still has the trademark weirdness that defined the last story. Art wise, still incredible. Like I said before, Ian Gibson should go places after this book is done.

He deserves it. I wish someone would take notice. He would really kill it with a hulk or spider man run. But I digress.

Some minor quibbles though, as the book has one issue left, I hope it doesn't feel rushed next month. So far, this new story looks interesting and I hope it ends on a high note. Also, amazing the art truly is, I'm rather miffed at the portrayal of the antagonists as I feel that they are too comical or grotesque to be taken with any real seriousness. Besides that, I have enjoyed the run thus far, and I'm hoping that there would be more projects on the horizon with this version of the Avengers.

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