Monday, May 14, 2012

CBNAH Interview: Sam Humphries

Sam Humphries is a busy man. he's currently working on The Ultimates with Jonathan Hickman, as well as John Carter for Marvel and both Fanboys vs Zombies and Higher Earth for BOOM! His 24 page comic Our love is real was described as splendidly perverse by Jason Aaron. He's a rising star in comics, and Renaldo caught up with him for a chat.

CBNAH: How did you get into writing and was it always a passion?

SH: I am informed that I was always into telling stories as a kid, with pictures or toys or whatever. I think getting exposure to comics was like throwing kerosene on a bonfire.

CBNAH: Did you think you could make a career out of it and live comfortably?

SH: No. It took at least a decade of adult life to get the guts to really give it a shot.

CBNAH: What do you perceive this digital era/internet age to be with regards to writers? How beneficial has it been to you breaking into the industry and sustaining your career?

SH: Social media has been extremely handy in getting my work exposed to many people, and building buzz for my books. If you can increase awareness for your comics, it benefits everyone -- retailers, publishers, readers, and yourself.

CBNAH: Heroes/icons/inspiration with regard to family and writing?

SH: My dad, and lately, Pedro Almodovar.

CBNAH: You've self-published and written for 'smaller' publishing houses before but now what's it like working with Marvel and the likes of Hickman etc on the Ultimate Universe? Pressure is greater to deliver?

SH: I feel pressure because I don't want to embarrass the people who decided that the guy who wrote the dog sex book should write for Marvel.

CBNAH: What's the best thing about your new Marvel gig? Also how'd you land this Marvel job?

SH: The best thing about working with Marvel is the people, they've got some great staff over there, smart and razor-sharp.

CBNAH: What would you say is the best story you crafted?

SH: The one I told to get out of a failing grade in college. Not for the faint of heart.

CBNAH: Our Love is Real - interesting read. How did you conceive this tale?

SH: I double dared myself to write a comic I would be nervous to show my mother.

CBNAH: Which artist do you dream of doing a book with...and which book is that?

SH: I would love to do an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland with my John Carter collaborators, Ramon Perez and Jordie Bellaire. 

CBNAH: Lastly, words of advice for aspiring writers?

SH: Work your ass off, read a lot, and get online. If you have talent, it doesn't matter where you live these days. This is a truly international industry.

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