Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Review: Hack/Slash #15

“Hack/Slash” is one of my favorite comics being published. The latest arc has been amazing, Seeley has taken us int the world of old B-Monster movies all the while keeping Cassie’s Hack/Slash style. The story is comedic and the conclusion was satisfying and gory.

As Cassie and Cat’s adventure on monster island comest to a close there is still a lot to tell in this final issue. Tim Seeley has continued to create interesting, enjoyable and fun comics to further the Hack/Slash story.

The latest story arc has been one of the best in a long time and I feel like it’s classic Hack/Slash with a monster movie twist. The dialogue is charming and funny and the plot reveals are clever and on par with the Monster Movie feel of the issue, Seeley knows these characters and writes them perfectly.

The art in this issue is beautiful and bright, it contrasts well with the dark subject matter and creates a nice juxtaposition with the rest of the series. I feel like there was an effort made to pull the reader into this story and that Leister got the tone of this particular story arc perfect. There are plenty of Hack/Slash gore scenes to contrast with the beautiful, bright scenery showing that Cassie and crew are certainly out of their element, but don’t worry they can handle anything.

All and all I know Hack/Slash isn’t a book for everyone, but it is one I recommend to a lot of my friends. If you’re a fan of horror you shouldn’t be missing Cassie Hack and her adventures, and this is certainly one of her best yet. Check out the conclusion to “Monster Baiting” it really was a joy to read.

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