Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review: America's Got Powers #2

Ty's Review:
This story is “Gladiators’ meets the “Hunger Games” meets the “X-Men” and while the concept may seem clear cut and easy to follow I find the entire thing just a little bit contrived. The story set out by Jonothan Ross, isn’t really that bad but it is just a little too planned and predictable. While the original concept and beautiful art may be the saving grace this comic may not be the best option in the indie super hero genre.

I loved the opening of the story, I feel they were on to something interesting with the first issue and the beginning of this one. There is a lot good here, and “America’s Got Powers” is by no means a bad book. It does draw on a menagerie of things from past stories and other mediums of entertainment and while the concept seems interesting it is not overly original. And while it is easy to pass off an old concept in a new way this book doesn’t manage to do it well. The plot is a little predictable and just a bit over thought.

The best part of “America’s Got Powers” is the art, it’s beautiful. I think Bryan Hitch is a genius. There is so much expression in the more intimate scenes paired with the contrasting action scenes and this is something to behold. For me the art in a series is a big part of whether I’ll keep a book or not and I feel Hitch’s work just takes this book up a level.

While this isn’t my favorite book of its kind, it’s not horrible. The work of Bryan Hitch is amazing on this title and I believe in giving a series time to find its footing. The story is obviously still being developed and is at an early stage. Where there are only six issues in the series and I hope by the next the problems mentioned have cleared up and in my opinion “America’s Got Powers” is worth reading, for now.

Steven's Review:
This mini-series really is one of those rare things that we come across so very rarely.  It is dynamic, interesting, well thought out, well executed and its characters are fleshed out in ways that are unexpected as if they were done way before this series hit the drawing board. 
I will say this much it has very Strikeforce Morituri feel to it.  By that I mean that these kids with these incredible powers seem to have a short shelf life, they are forced to fight in the arena for other’s profit.  They are studied, poked and prodded to see what makes them tick.  Also they are simply being used, I can see how they would be used as a military force should the need ever arise.  They are shunned from normal society kept under close watch and have their rights taken away. 
This life is pretty much all they know and even then there are those who are conscientious protesters.  Among them is our star Tommy whose brother died while fighting in the arena and whose girlfriend or at least girl of his dreams runs the support group for those who don’t want to fight.  Tommy however is the anomaly because he has zero powers at least that register with all the tools they can use to determine them.  Then again last issue he demonstrated that he does have power. 
Now Tommy’s life is going to change forever.  Not wanting to fight in the arena because of his brother and his mother who didn’t want him to fight either has changed her mind.  Those in charge they don’t care they will do everything in their power to ensure he is on the field regardless of how he feels.  To them he’s a commodity not a person to be respected.  So now Tommy has to figure out how this mysterious power of his works while saving his own life from the powers that be.
Oh and yes last issue he saved all those guys that have ceded to the “super team” that they create by whoever is the last one standing during the arena fight.  They have their own agenda’s ranging from kicking his arse to trying to get extremely close to him or stay as far away as possible. 
Regardless of anything else Tommy’s life has changed and he’s going to have to grow up fast if he wants to survive all that is coming.   Seriously this freakin rocks people I am so totally engrossed in this already and hope that this will be one of those yearly mini’s that come out by a creative team.   Hitch’s art is just incredible helping give it an edge that sets this book apart from all others.

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