Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: Buffy Season 9 #9

There have been many strange things happening in the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” world post “Chosen.” Buffy has had ups and downs, and the story has been a cohesive continuation of the the television show. I really appreciate that the writers and artists have been able to expand this universe. The latest two issues play on tropes, themes, and plot points from the Buffy show that we have seen before but turns them on their head in a blended way. Its interesting, character driven, and feels fresh and new.

Chambliss and Allie have done a wonderful job of creating a believable and relatable story out of one of the craziest situations Buffy and crew have ever been on. I feel they understand that in “Buffy,” as always, that character is important. The issue is very emotionally driven through both plot points and it manages to find balance within the characters responses. “C:\>apart (of_me)” is one of my favorite arcs in the Buffy comics and it’s only two issues in.

Cliff Richards has done a lovely job on this issue, I particularly like the resemblance to Sarah Michelle on the final panel. There is a lot of expression and emotion within the pages and the art is a key part in the convention of such. There is a dynamic feel between the pages and the reader really gets a sense of place and development within the issue through Richards‘ art.

This storyline is just starting and I think it’s began very well. This was a stellar issue both in script and art, also Buffy looks cool with a “Cable” arm. “C:\>apart (of_me)” is a must for any BtVS fan.

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