Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Review: Prophet #25

Prophet had been one of my favorite books of recent date. When it was announced that Extreme Studios was coming back, admittedly I cringed a bit. I read those books as a kid, and as a kid I enjoyed them. But as an adult, I found that they were less than enjoyable. But after hearing about the people writing and drawing the books, I took a chance. I am so glad I did.

Brandon Graham has churned out an amazing book.

Each month he and his artists have worked to craft a world that is full of insanely high concepts, each one could be a book in it self. In my opinion in the hands of anyone else these concepts would be misused or over explained. My favorite thing about this series is it just throws you into the deep end. You are discovering these worlds with very little explanation. It brings back some childhood joy of trying to work out for yourself just what is going on in your favorite book or comic when you don't have all the details. You need to use your imagination to figure out how things work. But everything is laid out for you. You just need to reach out and grab it.

This issue we had another artist, Giannis Milonoginnis. Who does a fantastic job with the issue. The action is fluid and fast. The backgrounds and creatures look wonderful. Milonoginnis's storytelling is right on. The art fits in with the issues that have come before. Each of the tree artists that have drawn the book have a distinct style. But they all match, I think it is largely due to the colorist Joseph Bergin III.

The story is pretty simple. Three John Prophets traversing a planet in search of a creature. And like is the case in stories like these, it does not end well. But even though we see these John Prophets for only this one issue, there is still a sense of character. Crazy monsters and aliens traverse a ruined landscape. And the team that starts out as three is whittled down. And with an ending that I think will have major ramifications for future issues, this book is a wild fun time. Where you can be totally engaged and in awe of this world that Graham and Co. have created. It is a scary world, yet one that I look forward to visiting each issue. 

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