Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Review: Mind MGMT #1

Mind MGMT is the gripping tale of a mystery hunting reporter, Maru, and the creation and works of a secret agency which uses the power of the mind to protect and serve. That may seem like a lot upfront but trust me, this was a great first issue.

The art on the issue is what I would call indefinite it has a messy or loose tendency but the execution is done very well and very consistent. I find with the subject matter the art works very well, seeing as the story starts off rather vague.

Nothing beats a book where the creator is both on story and art Matt Kindt in this regard is no exception and has done a lovely job.

The story of “Mind MGMT” is very complex for a first issue, not in that it’s confusing, there is just a lot of content introduced really fast. The writing is smart and the pace actually adds a lot to the book, there is a sense of urgency leaving the first issue that is sure to bring readers back for round two. Kindt’s writing is smart and enjoyable, there isn’t a lot given away at first glance but I’m sure readers will find the mysteries unfolding enjoyable and hard to pass up.

With beautiful art and a smart story I believe “Mind MGMT” may be a series many will love. The daring approach and creativity that went into this book is nothing but commendable. While the concept or style may not appeal to everyone there is certainly a quality to the book which I believe makes “Mind MGMT” one of the most promising books of 2012.

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