Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Review: Rebel Blood #3

“Rebel Blood” is one of my favorite new series each issue has been more disturbing and graphic then the last. The art is fantastic and obscene and it feels like the story is a downward spiral into the abyss that has been created for the central character created by Rossmo and Link.

The art is amazing, some of Rossmo’s best work, but please not this book is incredibly graphic and has a mature rating for a reason. There is an explicit nature to everything introduced into this book and Rossmo has a handle on all things dark and terrifying.

The book plays a little like “Walking Dead” except it seems to be taken up several notches and the artwork is where this is most apparent.

There is a lac of hope within the situation faced by Chuck and the story placed forth by Link is incredibly dark. “Rebel Blood” is another fast paced book and although the plot may not be clear cut it is never convoluted. The elements of this story all seem to fit into place and only leave the reader wanting more, more of this terrible obscene world with hope that Chuck can overcome the amazing terror created by Rossmo and Link.

The book is a grade A supernatural horror story! This is zombies for grown ups if you will. Rossmo’s artwork perfectly compliments Link’s script and the subject matter created makes the terrible world of “Rebel Blood” hard to look away from! If you like supernatural horror with a mystery twist “Rebel Blood” is the book for you.

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