Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review: Glory #26

Well I vaguely remember Glory from back in the day.  Extreme Studios and Rob Liefeld’s creation I remember looking like an Amazon pin-up girl.  Oozing sex and strength in a kind of Wonder Woman way so I thought when I was given the chance to review this latest incarnation I thought okay let’s do it.
Imagine my surprise when I started reading this.  This, to me mind you, bears absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to the original. 

I’m not even sure I can be objective anymore because I was pretty disturbed at her appearance.  She looks like a man with a huge steroid problem I mean grossly exaggerated muscles with these puny little ponytails on her head that look completely out of place.
As I kept going the book took another distinct turn and gave me something along the lines of Princess Mononoke or something about a flying or moving tree.  Then it got somewhat more interesting in a twisted reality kind of way.  To be honest I’m still not entirely sure what is going on and yet it is oddly captivating.  Well the visuals are anyway I mean some of these beings are bizarre stuff created mainly for Manga’s. 
So aside from Glory herself Ross Campbell and Joseph Bergin III are really the stars of this book.  It really is a visual journey that well shouldn’t be experienced unless you are stone cold sober.  Then again her new look does fit with that style and world so perhaps i was wrong and she fits in perfectly.
This isn’t my cup of tea but if you like things that are completely out of the normal with some very interesting visuals then this is for you.  Fans of Japanese Manga will find this to their liking and should find a nice home among those who do that kind of cosplay as well. 
To me this has a very unique niche and for those that find it they will be very happy.

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