Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Super Dinosaur #10

Another month (give or take), another Super Dinosaur. This book has gone from being pretty good, to really good! As the plot continues to develop and the characters continue to grow, the book becomes more and more compelling.

This issue flashes between three stories happening concurrently. Dexter Dynamo and the evil Max Maximus escaping prison, Derek talking to an imprisoned Reptiloid, and Super Dinosaur leaving on a mission only to have one of Bruce Kingston daughters follow SD through the

Skydoor. Of course which each story things start going from bad to worse as the story goes on.

With plenty of action drawn by the awesome Jason Howard, this book is just so much fun. Even when things take a turn for the worse, the book still has that fun adventure quality. Robert Kirkman has shown with this series that not only can the man write really intense and sometimes frightening comics, but he can also write very entertaining and clever all ages book that don't talk down to the kids.

I wish this comic had come out when I was a kid. Instead of going out side and pretending to be Gambit or Batman or Michelangelo, I would have probably been outside pretending to be Super Dinosaur or Derek Dynamo and pretend my skateboard was his robot companion Wheels. But alas I am too old to be running around my neighbourhood pretending to roar and shoot missiles at Dino-men.

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