Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Reset #1

I’m sure this premise has been done before; it’s a typical science fiction trope, the idea of revisiting your past and experiencing events with different outcomes. In this case it is done in a rather serious manner, don’t let Bagge’s quirky art distract from that. There are comedic releases but I think the story is done rather well and if I had to classify this as a comedy it would certainly lie with the black comedy distinction.

The characters are not entirely relatable at first but as the story progressed, even within the first issue, I actually had a sense of who these characters are. I’m unsure of where the plot will go or the purpose of these “experiments” but I do know I’m interested in seeing where these go.

The art in this issue will not be for everyone. I would compare it to classic newsprint comics that are meant to have a rather comedic, unrealistic sense. I think the contrast between content and artwork are a little jarring at first but as I progressed through the issue I realized the artwork allowed for the content to remain balanced instead of becoming too dark or frustrating. Like I said the art isn’t for everyone but I believe Peter Bagge knows what he’s doing and that in this case the artwork works well with the comic even though it isn’t completely synchronized.

After reading this first issue I am convinced that Dark Horse comics may be the publisher with the most range. They continue to surprise me with their content and “Reset” is a wonderful addition to their library. I will admit this isn’t a comic for everyone and perhaps may be for a very small demographic in the comic reading audience, but I will suggest trying it out because you might be surprised by the thought and range brought together in this issue.

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