Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review: Secret #1

Bodenheim’s art reminds me of Nick Pittara and the coloring scheme/lighting layout of differing panels concurrent to each other is something I haven’t seen in a long time. It’s innovative and derivative of Hickman’s guile. The creative duo here matches perfectly and Hickman always manages to use artists to impress better upon his already exquisite-craft. It’s a thrill of a ride. Such enthralling duplicity set in the real world makes me wonder if I rather this book to Manhattan Projects…and I can’t decide. Both are yet to be deciphered but both are sublime.

Hickman delivers deft tales of espionage, ruthless mercs, and resilient corporations…with a brooding mistrust in every panel. This denial of trust is well played with an air of confidence of the book’s star. His hubris drives the story and all his machinations seem headed for a brilliant end-game. Hickman gains leverage on his readers with that in-your-face do-or-die take-it-or-leave-it subtlety that is embedded in the dialogue and interactions from each page. It reeks of a huge win and I expected no less (10/10)

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