Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review: Saga #2

BKV lights-up the last page and it’s Runaways-style. I CANNOT WAIT FOR ISSUE #3. The decadence in parenthood here is pretty profound as he paints star-crossed lovers entwined and properly entangled in murky, unfamiliar territory. It’s a mangled wreck to see our protagonists on the run in a Star Wars/Trekkie fashion as they try to survive and protect their daughter. BKV’s dialogue is modern and a contemporary galactic thrill. The cosmic feel here is hyped and well-heightened with the superb Fonografiks design, complemented by Fiona Staples’ art. It’s an illustrious title with a lusty plot.

The ploys and havoc that are sure to be wreaked imminently make for grand anticipation. The character designs are outstanding and I cannot wait to see this tale outclass each issue with the next. BKV leaves his lovers in a world of peril as they evade bounty hunters but they soon realize that a target is not the only thing on their scalp. The mystery of their daughter adds more spice to the story…and it works immaculately. (10/10)

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