Friday, April 13, 2012

Renaldo's Reviews: AvX #0-1, AvX Infinite, Avengers: X-Sanction #4, New Avengers #23, Avengers #24.1

AvX # 0 –

Bendis and Aaron didn’t raise my pores and give me what I needed to know. Basically, this a long PSA for Scarlet Witch still being hated and Hope being…an enigma. Cho’s art is a nice reprieve from some lax storytelling but one thing ropes me in…the final page. The effect of the Phoenix and the ties between it and Hope…and Wanda…seem a bit too mouth-watering to avoid. Also, having an Iron Fist tie-in later on is enough fodder to have me interested. I think I’ll be partaking but with low expectations. (6/10)

AvX #1 –
It’s hard to see how Marvel could resist this event. I felt it coming since Utopia during DARK REIGN but here, I don’t see the catalyst for opposition. I think both teams should be working together. It isn’t like the Nitro-Stamford bomb that divided the MU. This is a case where both teams should fear and work together because of the threat of the Phoenix. Cap’s stance reminds me of Logan’s ire towards the Scarlet Witch, while Scott’s hope is a bit too naïve…as are the aspirations of Emma, Magnus and Namor to follow him so blindly. Namor’s loyalty, despite his loin cravings, have me wary as I felt him a Rogers’ fan and it’s weird to see Scott fire the first salvo when other books depict him and Rogers are mending the mutant fences. This book seems to force the disagreement but then again, Scott’s back to the wall may have forced his hand. Hope’s path and Wanda’s future does intrigue me and I cannot wait to see how both are tied in with each other and who will actually be the next avatar…I foresee not Hope…but Wanda. As for Cable, Beast, Storm, Brian Braddock, Psylocke, Rachel Summers and X-Man…I hope these are used well by the array of writers. Wolverine’s duality will be very key here and aside from Romita’s art, and some pretty enticing writing, I think I can look past the little loop holes here and there…and enjoy the action-packed event. I’m optimistic (8/10)
Mark Waid is spot-on on the script but what wins is Immonen’s new digital art mechanism. It tells the tale of this Sam Alexander…aka NOVA 2.0 as he hurtles towards Earth to warn of the impending Phoenix threat. It’s a good tie-in to AvX #1 which outlines the stances of Cap and Scott Summers. Here though, we get a good insight into the humanity of Nova. Immonen really topped any Epting-art on FF4 which is difficult to do. Immonen’s cosmic glory topped his FEAR, Spider-Man or New Avengers work…and that is no easy feat. He seems to get better by the title and no better writer than Waid should be expounding on this. (9/10)
Avengers X-Sanction #4 –
I’m not usually an Ed McGuiness fan but he kills it here. Literally. This is some of his best work and Jeph Loeb actually didn’t tank as bad. The Cable arc is poorly wrapped up and storing him on Utopia while Cap gets a cache chock full of weapons makes for shoddy plotting but with an action-packed issue like this, who cares? Well…the stakes are high in AvX…so I do! The Phoenix link is made and we get insight into Hope…but it still feels muddled and mauled a bit. Loeb shows the weaknesses of Cable at a time when they should be showing a fracture in the threads between Summers and Rogers. That salvo isn’t fired and I felt they missed a golden opportunity to stick Cable in a poignant spot rather than a lull. Don’t get into that fall sense of reassurance…this AvX can go awry quickly and having Cable as a wildcard, just may not be enough to salvage it. Overall, pretty fun read but not that cohesive. (7/10)
New Avengers #23 –
It’s inconceivable that Rogers has Skaar on this team. Really? Well, how can the NA team come and suddenly kick the ass of the Dark team after Skaar disbands? I don’t know. But it’s Bendis. He makes and breaks his own rules. Apart from the stellar art by Deodato, it’s an issue of brawling. Osborn is obscure and we see the NA team by some divine miracle handing the Dark team, a hall pass to become Thunderbolts. It’s a shambolic issue and a plain excuse to beat each other up. Rogers and Norman are non-entities. Skaar is unfathomable. The character exchanges seem forced and wooden. There’s a lot wrong here. The final page offers conflict and paints Luke in his best light of despair. So what does Bendis do? Deviate into AvX. Classic! (6/10)

Avengers #24.1 –
Not pointless. It’s a nice backflow and deluge as to Wanda’s breakdown and gives insight into Vision and his past. Bendis ties in a nice arc with Magneto and Vision, while keeping Rogers and Summers at bay, yet still within touching distance. Steve’s endearment comes abound here as he sets down arms in this war-torn setting. It’s a nice calm before the storm and Rogers offers useful advice which segues well into AvX #0. It depicts why Vision harbors hate to Wanda and impresses further upon Peterson’s polished art. These are seeds that lend credence to AvX. But that Barton/Drew romance…that’s a whole pot of madness…and wastage. It ruined the issue. Terribly. (7/10)

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