Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review: BPRD: The Picken's County Horror #2

BPRD for my money is one of the best on-goings out there. Yes I know that this is a mini series. But it is an ongoing series of miniseries. All interconnected, some more so than others. But I have yet to read a BPRD mini that I didn't like on some level. Mignola and crew always manage to pack as much goodness into these issues as possible.

The creepiness is amped up in this issue.

As a little more is explained about the vampires. Vampires who we really don't see. But I feel like what was said here will have an impact somewhere down the road in the BPRD universe. There is a great action sequence with an incorporeal being and shambling bodies in the fog that has covered every inch of the country side. We get some closure but there are still some questions that are left to be answered, hopefully at a later date.

Mignola and Scott Allie were able to make me care about a BPRD agent who I had no previous knowledge of. Doing that in two issues is quite a feat. I really wanted to know how agent Vaughn would cope with everything that was happening. And to know if he would be able to get out of the mini relatively unscathed. Making someone feel for a character in that short amount of time is wonderful.

Once again the art by Jason Latour is wonderful. I don't know where Dark Horse finds these great artists who all fit perfectly with the BPRD and Hellboy universe. But whoever is finding these artists should be commended. Latour's art is expressive. I love watching his characters act. The body language and facial expressions are all top notch. And he can draw the hell out of some creepy monsters. He is someone to be on the look out for

Another fine BPRD mini series comes to a close, and with that also comes a longing for the next series to come along.

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