Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oliver's Reviews: Star Wars: Blood Ties #1, Star Wars: Crimson Empire III #6, Star Wars: Dark Times #5, Angel and Faith #9

Star Wars: Blood Ties – Boba Fett #1
Apart from having a great cover, I think that the insides were even more amazing.  Few comics outside of the big two rarely, completely take me in. From the moment that the first panel hit, my attention was grasped and never let go. I really loved the pacing of the book. Granted it has the simplest of storylines , the most basic of plots, a revenge fantasy, but still, it was enjoyable. The art for the book was well done too. It sort of reminds me of the work of Ariel Olivetti, if not better.

I am not that familiar with the history of Bobba Fett. If he truly is dead, that remains to be seen. But this comic has definitely grabbed my attention.
A+ effort on all fronts. I rate this an 8/10

Star Wars: Crimson Empire #6
The end of Kir Kanos's story. It wasn't how I expected it but I loved how it turned out in the end. The art has vastly improved from the past few issues and in this one, it truly shines. Not a lot of "The Chaykin Similarities" as I call it. The story was a quick read but the action was great. The Crimson Armor truly has a nice visual in any media that you take it. As for the ending, I am not so familiar with the characters that were used for this title. But I would really like to see their exploits in future star wars stories. 

Star Wars: Dark Times #5
The art on this one is amazing! The artist has really nice designs for droids and weaponry. And in scenes where Vader is involved, (at least for me) you can see the effort that was thrown in to make it extra special. I love how diverse the Star Wars universe is. And I love how the diversity has been expanded even more by Dark Horse. They have lots of great Stat wars universe that focuses on almost every aspect of the mythology. This is one of the better ones in my opinion. A cat and mouse game between a Runaway Jedi and a bounty hunter. With the Empire both at their heels. Story and art, as I mention above is of great quality.  The ending for this series opens up possibilities for future visits and I hope we get another shot soon.

Angel and Faith #9
Lots of revelations in this issue and one that answers a question that I have had in mind for the past few issues now. It remains to be seen how this book's events will play out in the future. The art is okay in my eyes but for me, it is the cover that totally steals the show. It really grabbed my attention the moment that I looked at it. Story wise, well, for me, it's not all that bad. But it's not Christos Gage's best either. It just mystifies me as to how different his style seems to be when he's writing Avengers Academy. I know the genre's are different but a little bit more oomph would have been nice. Still, this entire arc is still worth a look.

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