Thursday, April 26, 2012

On the Cover: Lee Bermejo

Self-taught American artist Lee Bermejo got his start in the comic book industry in 1997 as an intern for WildStorm. His career has gone nowhere but up, working on such books as the Award Winning Joker withBrian Azzarello and the recent successful Graphic novel Batman: Noel. Bermejo's covers are uncannily detailed. They are hyper-realistic, while maintaining a drawn, comic book style. Check out a showcase of his work after the jump!

I love the figure placement in the covers below. The 'Stand and be bad-ass' motif get's old quickly, but Bermejo does it dynamically.

Bermejo is able to convey a character's personality and motivations perfectly, as he does with John Constantine in the following two Hellblazer covers.

The carefree expression on the figure with the guns bellow really adds to the sinister feel.

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  1. OMG These were such a joy to view! That 1st Constantine cover was just spectacular!!!