Thursday, April 19, 2012

On the Cover: Brandon Graham

Brandon Graham's background is in Graffiti writing in Seattle, and it shows in his work. Urban and fresh, Graham's quirky style makes his art instantly recognizable. His thin, crisp lines and simple colours contrast perfectly with fun detail - you always notice something new. Check out a showcase of his covers after the jump!

Graham charges this Conan piece with caveman like testosterone, evoking a strong masculine feel appropriate to the title.
brandon graham conanbrandon-graham-prophet

Apologies for the low resolution, but this Hack/Slash variant cover was way too sexy and bad-ass not to include.

The covers to Graham's 'King City' serve the perfect example of how his busy composition works so wonderfully with his clean, thin lines. The use of text also compliments the design.

If the below cover doesn't perfectly represent what's on the inside, i don't know what would.

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