Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review: Star Wars: Agent of the Empire #5, The Old Republic - War #4

Star Wars: Agent of the Empire #5
I love the ending to this series. The story flowed very well and all loose ends were wrapped up. The quality of the writing and the art from start to finish were top notch.

I am excited to see what's next for agent Jahan Cross.

I would for one, like to see what he was up to during the rebel alliance's war with the empire. Solid series, solid characterization. I especially liked that bit in the end with Jahan and his faithful droid. This series would look good on your shelf in trade form.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - War #4
My interest in this book has considerably waned since it started but this issue put it back on track in my eyes. The writer did a good job in developing the characters Zayne Carrick and his captain. The pace was exciting and easy to understand this time. And the art was very well done too. I am very excited to read the concluding part of the series and I hope the pace that this issue started with carries over to that one.

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