Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Ragemoor #2

This issue is a great follow up to the previous. While I was unsure how the second of four would play out I believe the creative team on this book kept the pace and managed to peak my interest even more into “Ragemoor,” its inhabitants, and the forces working within.

We are brought back to castle “Ragemoor” with a haunting poem tying us back to the previous issue relating to Anoria and her new place within the castle. It seems she has a new admirer, Tristano, a “poacher.”

Once his admiration is recognized the master of the house sets forth on an adventure, against the will of the castle, to destroy the “apes” how mishandled her in the previous release. I’m sure that all seems pretty straight forward but nothing is as it seems at castle Ragemoor and this issue will surprise you.

The art is beautiful, I feel that Richard Corben’s style may not work for every series, but in “Ragemoor” it’s flawless. There is a haunting air to every panel and when needed the savagery comes through on the page. Corben really pays close attention to detail and take notice of the creepy babies in the wall or a face watching as Ragemoor is defied, it’s really quite scary and fits perfectly adding to the horror and uncertainty that lies in the walls of castle Ragemoor.

This series isn’t one that I would suggest to just anyone, but there are certain people who shouldn’t miss this story. If you are a fan of old black and white horror films or creepy mystery books this comic is one you should have in your library. I am eagerly awaiting the next two issues and the reveal of Ragemoor’s secrets.

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