Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review: Alabaster Wolves #1

Wow, I really am surprised at the quality of the books being produced by Dark Horse Comics lately. First they made the epic “Immortal” series and as soon as that’s finished “Alabaster Wolves” is on the shelves.

It’s another mini series with this issue being the first of five but I can tell already there is a great story being told. The art and writing are both griping and raw adding to the layered fantasy laced, dystopian future presented on the page.

Within the first issue I was both captivated by the script and writing Dark Horse has taken another series and successfully translated it into a beautifully written comic. It doesn’t hurt that the original creator is the writer, Caitlín R. Kiernan. You will be captivated by this world and intrigued into Dancy Flammarion and her place in this run down world. I can tell just from the first issue that she is incredibly unique and great things will come from the telling of her story.

The art on this series seems to perfectly compliment the written content. As scenes and tone change Steve Lieber does an excellent job of adjusting to tell the story in a visually synchronized approach with the written word. I really enjoyed the art and word together and it would be hard to say which was done better as they are almost one and the same.

I’ll admit it I was weary of trying out Dark Horse comics but since I’ve started my foray into their publications I have been met with nothing but beautifully written and illustrated works. If I was going to suggest one book to you for this weeks releases I would suggest “Alabaster: Wolves #1” It really was an amazing issue.

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