Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review: Bloodstrike #27

I was a big Image fan back in the day. Still am actually. When I heard that Image was going to be relaunching a handful of the Extreme Studios books, I was hesitant. But with each new series that has started up, the more my faith in these books have grown. So far the creative teams have been pretty top notch. Bloodstrike is the over the top action book that is just fun to read. It is not life changing, but it is really enjoyable.

Bloodstrike follows Cabbot Stone, a man who can not die. He is constantly being repaired and resurrected by Project Born Again. Stone works for the government doing the dirty jobs that teams like Youngblood can't. Introduced in this issue are the rest of the team that is Bloodstrike. And while Stone is off fighting mummies with laser guns(Yes you read that right, it is as awesome as it sounds), the newly revived team must go after Stone's father, who is a terrorist.

The book is solidly written by Tim Seely, of Hack/Slash fame. It is a fun action book that doesn't take itself too seriously. But is serious enough that nothing feels useless. The art by Franchesco Caston is clean and and very fluid. The action scenes are great, with not a line wasted.

If you are in the mood for a fun action movie type of story, you should be reading this. While it is not my favorite of the Extreme books, it is certainly very entertaining and worth a look.  

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