Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review: The Goon #39

I have only been reading The Goon for a short while, I started about two weeks ago reading four issues in quick succession. Since I’ve read about ten issues and I really think this comic is something special and unique. There is a level of pretension within the comic industry and I feel this issue in particular pokes a lot of fun at that especially within the superhero comic genre.

The story is on point as Eric Powell takes a satirical jab at today’s superhero comics.

Powell has an unapologetic stride into what I believe to be wrong with today’s mainstream comic industry by both examining the feeble plotlines and transparent script. Powell also does a wonderful job of creating a stark contrast between his own book and the stories created by the “Big Two” every time I’m going to choose Powell’s book over the mindless drivel being produced by Marvel or DC this book illustrates perfectly why.

The art on the issue just further illustrates absurdity presented to the general public by today’s superhero comics. There is an over equalization of everything and even when something seems unique or new its still very formulaic. There is a lot of beauty in superhero comics like “Voodoo” for example but the book still lacks originality and this is apparent through out the entirety of the “Big Two’s” publications.

Although I still enjoy superhero comics I can see where Powell is coming from! To see your book be out sold by mindless drivel and generic art must be frustrating to the independent creators as a whole. We know Bat man is always going to sell well but I believe books like “The Goon” deserve a lot of respect and idolization for sticking to their goal and being unique even when selling out and being generic may lead to a bigger payout. This issue of “The Goon” is one comic I believe everyone should read.

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