Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review: Orchid #6

It’s like ‘V for Vendetta’ but packs more violent a punch. Opal leads the crusade and with Anzio rescued by Simon’s rebellion…Orchid and company are at a crossroads. Ways out of this mess are limited and the rebels are faced with testing times. How to escape the lair of a certain diabolical despot…whose origins are revealed in a realistic yet underwhelming tale? That aside, the story evokes enough sympathy for the revolt while encompassed in Jackson/Hepburn’s gory and primal action panels. There’s a lot at stake here and Morello’s raging story shows just why the machine he’s created here is provocative and enjoyable.

It continues to overlap on the title character’s losses and I see her donning the hero’s mask pretty soon as we get a grand sense of ideals, precepts and doctrines of justice when the revolt comes face-to-face with despair. There’s a whole lot to be learnt here and with such a beautiful book, Morello is all that spectacular a teacher (9/10)

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