Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Planet of the Apes #13

With last months cliffhanger and it's jump a few years into the future, I was eagerly awaiting this issue. While it is a bit of a slow start, it has all the right hooks to bring me back for the next issue. With the opening scene of Sully's child, who has been raised by apes, kidnapped by some unknown human group., we get some great action done by Carlos Magno. The rest of the issue slows itself down and we see more of Voice Ayla, dealing with ape politics and discovering that the human she has been raising like a son has been kidnapped. There is also Sully trying to do all she can for her human resistance by attempting to get weapons from a foreign power.

The book's scope continues to grow with each issue. This issue starts to show us a hint of what other ape cultures around the world could be like. I hope that we get to learn more and more about the differences between the different continent of apes. This book is a treat for a Planet of the Apes fan like myself. We are learning more and more how the apes became the dominant species on the planet. And while we know the eventual end of humanity. It has been a fascinating ride and I can't wait to see what happens next.

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