Saturday, April 28, 2012

Renaldo's Reviews: Supercrooks #1-2, Secret Service #1, Brilliant #3, Road Rage #1-3

Supercrooks #1-2 –

It’s Ocean’s Eleven with superpowers. It literally is. I don’t see anything creative or original here from Millar but it’s still a decent read. Yu on art is win as usual but I hope it doesn’t teeter like Superior did at the end. Other than that, the real action hasn’t started as yet. The kill has been identified. A group of supervillains leave America and come to Spain to rob a target…who turns out to be a prominent…the most prominent...villain of all time. It’s simple and fun. Seeing this caper pulled off should be a doozy but can’t help missing the originality a bit!
Millar has targeted this for film again…so God help us all (7/10)

The Secret Service #1 –
Dave Gibbons finally creates with Mark Millar…the latter’s fanboy dream comes true. Kudos! It’s an exquisite and concisely drawn book to acquiesce oneself to. Gibbons delivers solidly while Millar carves out slowly but surely a nicely-drawn tale of Gary, a troubled youth, whose life of squalor is soon going to see him inducted into the British Secret Service by agent and uncle Jack. It’s a story about family, and there’s profanity and violence as Millar usually depicts. But the tact and pace here just hit the right notes to give some kinda glee to add an edge to the story as it unfolds. Matt Vaughn helps script it…so Hollywood is on the horizon again. I wish I had Millar’s job! (8/10)

Brilliant #3 –
If you saw Chronicle, you’d like this. Friends trying to unlock the secret code to superpowers while trying to diffuse one of their own…a high-octane lad…from embellishing and going ballistic. They become inadvertent accessories and accomplices when he loses control. And he does…he goes nuclear and the group of genius friends rue the day they formulated the chemical serum for superpowers as the crime charges and body count stack up against them. Bendis finally gets me off his Avengers nonsense with a well-written book which further shines with pristine art by Bagley. Some creators are just meant for each other and there’s an underlying strength here…when it comes to these two. After their USM run, this shows…they still have amazing chemistry! Seeing the authorities deal with the rebel kid souped up on powers should be very wacky stuff next issue (9/10)
Road Rage #1-3 –

The first two issues written with Chris Ryall, Stephen King and Joe Hill give an exhilarating ride where a biker gang faces a ferocious trucker on the roads as they contemplate revenge for a money scheme gone-bad! Forget the double cross as Nelson Daniel paints all-out carnage on the road and something so bland…seems bloody exciting. The third issue features a duel where an old man tried to outgun a truck and as he barely makes it out of the clash, he finds that trouble is far from over off the road. There isn’t a cohesive flow and continuity but Ryall fleshes out a gritty story with Rafa Garres’ roughly illustrating the mean streets of the desert. It’s an unconventional book and I really couldn’t complain as I anticipate the finale. There is raw charisma and action in these pages and topping that off…is a dramatic and tense story at heart…one of pure action! (7/10)

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