Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review: 68: Scars #1

I unfortunately missed out on checking out the first 68 series. After hearing so many good things about it I decided to just jump right in with this new mini series. I am glad I did. The story is compelling, even for someone like me who has kind of been dropped into the middle of the story. All you really need to know about the book to dive in is that during the Vietnam war, not only did the troops have to deal with the Vietcong, but zombies as well.

With this issue we are introduced to a Chinese American Yam Kuen Yam,

who is rescued from certain death at the hands, and mouths of a zombie horde. We are also introduced to a few casts of characters scattered through out Vietnam. A PT boat crew, and a group of soldiers holed up at an airport. We also get what is my favorite portion of the book, a short story detailing what one couple is going through in New York's China Town that book ends the issue.

The story is pretty strong, and I was able to get a grasp on most of what I think are the main characters. But with any zombie book who knows who will live and you will die. The art by Nat Jones is good. He gets really detailed when he draws the zombies, and they look awesome. The one criticism I have is that sometimes the people don't get that same level of detail unless they have been horribly scarred. The writing by Mark Kidwell is good. Even with this being the only time I have read this series, I could feel a weight to most every character and a need to know more about them and this word.

Pick this book up if you are a fan of zombies or war. It has a good mix of the two. Also even though I had not read the previous series, I was able to pick this up and get the gist of what was going on. So don't worry too much about having to have read what came before. Just jump in and try something new.

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