Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reviews: Steed and Mrs Peel #4, Irredeemable #36, Manhattan Projects #2

Steed and Mrs Peel #3

For the most part, I have professed my love for this series.....
This issue though, sees some chinks in the armor.
While the art is still spectacular, it is pretty distracting how the artist drew the villains for the issue looking almost exactly alike.

Not his fault, I know. More than likely, it's in Morisson's script but still....pretty distracting.

Also, this issue (and arc) appears to be wrapped up already. And yet we still got two issues to go. I wonder if the last two remaining parts would read like they were written for the trade? Hope not.
Still, the series has been a blast! And I especially loved how Steed dealt with the enemy near the end. Pretty smart.
Too late to come in if you havent been following the series. You could go and wait for the inevitable trade and gawk at the beautiful artwork!

Irredeemable #36
I must admit that I felt a little lost reading this one as I am a new reader and I'm not too familiar with the characters except for the basic premise.
Still, I enjoyed it.  As far as I know, this series is nearing its end. And for all the things that he's done, the Plutonian appears to be headed on a path of redemption. 

I hope he doesn't get it.

For a mass murderer should never be redeemed. Heck that's the title of the book anyway!
I'm sure that in the ever capable hands of Mr Mark Waid, were due for something satisfactory.
The art is stellar and actually reminds me of (the mostly MIA these days) Pat Ollife. But of course I'm seeing this in the eyes of a new reader. 
Various twists in this particular issue. I love how all that managed to play out in the end. Some edge of your seat moments near the climax and it appears it will carry over into the next one.
Rating 7/10

Manhattan Projects #2
I really feel that this is the start of something big. I like the world building efforts of Hickman here. In this issue, various characters are introduced and all of them are interesting.
Some of the dialogue is a little heavy, but I've been used to Hickman doing that for some time now with his S.H.I.E.L.D series.

The art is being tagged as Frank Quitely-lite, and I admit that there really are similarities, but I'm predicting that dragotta would break out pretty soon.At first, I thought this series had a narrow focus. That being the conflict of the twins that were introduced in the first issue. I am very mistaken.

Very mistaken.

I predict that this series would be another Planetary in the making. With a slightly humorous tone, but still... I hope this series generates enough buzz to prove me right.

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