Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review: Buffy Season 9 #8

With a strange twist of events (even for Buffy) things have gotten incredibly interesting for Buffy and the best part is that it was all implemented by one of her scoobies, Andrew Wells. As we’ve gone through the at times dramatic twists and turns that make up the plotline of “Buffy Season 9” I’ve come to assume nothing and to expect chaos. This issue just furthers that standpoint when thinking about where this series is going to take Buffy and her pals. This issue as a stand-alone may not be that great but if you look at it as part of the bigger picture it certainly ties up some loose ends and brings the end of the first story arc while starting the next.

I really can notice when Georges Jeanty isn’t on an issue and the art in this issue seems just a little rushed. Bottom line Cliff Richards work wasn’t exactly up to the standard that I have come to expect from Buffy’s artists. The point is driven home with the pacing of each scene but the quality is definitely lacking.

When reading the story however I really did feel the second arc is up to a good start! I really can’t wait to see what trouble Andrew has brought into the mix this time. The important thing about both season 8 and now 9 is that the writers continue to make the stories told feel like a natural extension of the show and I think Scott Allie and Andrew Chambliss really did a great job of making this issue feel like a classic BtVS story.

There are big things on the horizon for Buffy and her scoobies! This issue goes to show that the creative team has lots of stories to tell and that they can still make Buffy and her world fresh and interesting. Although the art has been better the story and writing is on par with the rest of season nine and honestly I don’t believe Buffy has been better in comics. Pick this one up.

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