Monday, April 16, 2012

Creator Roundup

This week, Dan Hipp sends a postcard, Jeff Smith loves Amazons, Jamie McKelvie defends, Bryan Lee O'Malley opens his sketchbook, Sean Phillips draws an iron jaw, Jeff Lemire welds underwater, Ben Templesmith draws a droid, Eric Canete draws a dragon, Joe Hill plugs Terry Moore, Jeff Parker gets his Buffy on, Colleen Coover does Queen and Country and Andy Khun channels the power cosmic.

Dan Hipp took the week of the internet, but did send us a postcard:

Jeff Smith drew Wonder Woman so Gail Simone could sign it:

Jamie McKelvie talks to iFanboy about taking over the Defenders art:
iFanboy: Jamie, we recently saw you tackle a team book with the excellent X-Men: Season One GN, how has your approach to to handling a group of characters like The Defenders changed after that X-Men experience?
Jamie McKelvie: You really have to think about what makes each character different, so they don’t end up looking like the same doll dressed in a different outfit. Personality, body language, and so on. It’s especially important with a team like X-Men where they all wore the same uniform, but it applies to the The Defenders too.

iF: On X-Men: Season One, you collaborated with Mike Norton on art, will you be teaming up again?
JM: We’ll be collaborating in the same way we did on X-Men: Season One.  He’s finishing backgrounds again, and once again doing a fantastic job of it.

iF: Now, you worked with Matt in the past on the Iron Man back up stories a while back, how is it to be working together again?
JM: Excellent! Matt writes the most inspirational scripts for an artist. He’s also really great to throw ideas around with, lots of back and forth emails as we plan story and design and so on.

iF: Of all the characters in The Defenders, which one are you most excited about getting to draw? Which one is going to be the most challenging?
JM: I think the answer to a) is all of them and b) all of them. They’re all distinct individuals, with their own looks, personality etc. Of course that’s not even getting into the supporting characters. There’s one Matt and I have come up with that is already a favourite of mine, even though she’s only appeared in two panels so far.

Bryan Lee O'Malley shared an old page from his sketchbook:

David Aja revealed the project with Fraction he teased last week:

Sean Phillips likes to draw attractive ladies:

Jeff Lemire talks to Newsarama about his new original graphic novel, The Underwater Welder:
Newsarama: Wow, Jeff, this new graphic novel has been in the works for a long time. How many years have you been working on The Underwater Welder?
Lemire: Like four and half years, I think.
Nrama: People who know your work will see some familiar themes. But this has a pretty cool sci-fi element involved, doesn't it?
Lemire: Yeah, I describe it as a really emotional Twilight Zone episode. It's about this guy who works off a deep-sea rig off the coast of a small coastal town. So he spends a lot of his time diving underwater and working on an oil pipeline.
And then one day, when he goes down and comes back up, the world is a completely different place. It's completely changed. Something changed while he was down there.
It's about him trying to find his way back home to his wife before his baby is born.
It's kind of creepy and moody and weird. It's like a lot of my stories in that it's based on a small town environment, and it has a central relationship as the core, with the relationship between him and his wife and his son. But it's got a sci-fi twist and a time travel element to it.
Nrama: You know, between Animal Man and now The Underwater Welder, it's obvious you are exploring what it means to be a dad.
Lemire: Yeah, I'm very subtle, aren't I? No kidding.
Nrama: But with The Underwater Welder, it's obviously focused on the pressure of being a new dad. Was that because you came up with this concept before you were a dad?
Lemire: Yeah, and it's been such a long time coming that I can look back on it now and see a part of my life represented there in the book, really. When I first started working on it and came up with the original idea, I hadn't started working for DC or Vertigo yet. And I didn't have a kid yet. That wasn't even on the radar for my wife and me. We hadn't even talked about it. So I was in a completely different place personally and professionally than I was when I finished the book.
And I think, as a result, I saw the book change from its original intent and my original story grew and morphed into something completely different by the end of it. So on the page, you're going to see that, as the character goes through things, exactly what I was going through. And feelings about parenthood.

Ben Templesmith draws a droid:

Eric Canete uploaded a bunch of stuff he did at C2E2, including this dragon:

Joe Hill gives Terry Moore a plug:
A few people out there are familiar with Terry Moore’s zen storytelling mastery; not enough, and I’m kind of sick of it. Go check out Echo, the 30-issue series that writer-artist Moore completed last year. It has the zip and swagger of those great early 80s SF smashes: Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Starman, Superman II, and the first two Terminator movies. The cast of characters – anchored by a trio of strong, complicated, beautiful women – is Dickensian… by which I mean, each character is funny, distinct, memorable, and fascinating. The storyline, which concerns a woman who has been contaminated by super-powered buckyballs, and who soon discovers she can shoot laser beams from her boobs – YES – takes off like a ballistic missile, and never slows down. The subject matter is threaded through with compelling riffs on technology, quantum physics, and the frightening primacy of corporations in American culture. The violence is raw, bare-knuckled, and frequent, the way I like it. And then there’s a love story, and I’m a sucker for a satisfying, unforced love story. Echo is waiting for you. Get ye to a bookstore or your local comic shop, or fire up the ComiXology app and hunt it down.

Jeff Parker is writing a Willow series for Dark Horse. Here's the David Mack Cover:

Coleen Coover pays homage to Rucka's Queen and Country:

Andy Khun twarts Silver Surfer:
surfer twart-pink

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