Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review: Rebel Blood #2

Rebel Blood is the new supernatural horror book from image, the first issue started off great with an interesting plot and amazing complimentary art. This issue was a perfect extension of the last leaving me with just as many questions and completely interested in where Alex Link and Riley Rossmo are going to take this story.

In the first issue there were a lot of factors which left me questioning what “reality” was and what was going on in the main protagonist,

Chuck’s head. There is a surreal movement between panels both in script and art that leave an uncertainty with the reader. When this type of book is done right it can leave the reader thinking and wondering long after its been read and I feel issue two is certainly on point in that aspect. I think maybe a little more definition would make the book a little more forgiving for new readers but if you are a fan of abstract obscure horror this is certainly a book worth reading.

Rossmo’s art is fantastic; he really has the creepy atmosphere of the story drawn to perfection. Although there are many graphic moments in the book Rossmo has created an environment where graphic doesn’t necessarily mean obscene or offensive. The art in the first issue is really what drew me to “Rebel Blood” and I think Image Comics has continued to show us amazing creative teams, Link and Rossmo being no exception.

“Rebel Blood” may not be the book for everyone but I am certain that the supernatural horror crowd will be more than pleased with this comic. There are only two more issues left to wrap up this story and I would recommend jumping on the bandwagon, the art is impeccable and the plot is well written don’t miss out on “Rebel Blood.”|

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