Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review: Star Wars Dark Times: Out of the Wilderness #5

One the most interesting books in the Star Wars universe closes another chapter of its story.  These characters are quite possibly the most diverse and interesting group of beings I’ve ever had the privilege to read about.  With the culmination of the Out of the Wilderness arc many questions are answered and new ones arise setting the stage for their next adventure. 
Randy Stradley is managing to bridge the gap here with these characters telling a story that manages to resonate outside the Star Wars

universe.  These characters experience love and loss on such a scale that it is almost staggering.  They also though go through journeys of self discovery that manage to make them each incredibly “human” as well.   Friendship is one thing that is important to everyone no matter their background and here we see just how much these beings are willing to go through to be reunited with those that have been left behind.
            The crew of the Uhumele wanted Jedi Dass Jennir off their ship and away from them after their initial story which introduced us to them all.  Since that time both the crew and Dass have learned that they have had a larger impact on each other than they suspected.  This issue all parties that still remain finally get a chance to meet back up and resume those friendships.  No man, woman or being for that matter, is an island we all need companionship and that fact is very aptly demonstrated here.
            This arc we’ve seen a mysterious stranger on Jennir’s trail.  Here we learn how he managed to track the Jedi and exactly why he’s been on his trail to begin with.  Again revelations and loss are key components of this story as it well kind of comes its natural stopping point.  Where it will lead from here is something I will enjoy seeing in due time.  While I will miss Jennir’s faithful companion and droid his purpose and usefulness seems to have to come to an end.  This will make following him again much harder for anyone looking though so not all is lost.
            Darth Vader’s role this issue is much too minimal however as the next story starts I look forward to him using the information at his disposal at the end of this issue.  Here he too has a more complex personality than I would have given him credit for having.  Then again this is the only Star Wars book I’ve been reading so having more of his personality being fleshed out for us is most delightful.  I also look forward to learning just what his obsession with Dass Jennir is about, there has to be more to these two men than meets the eye and no matter how much I try to use the force I just can’t see it as of yet.
            Douglas Wheatley’s art with colours by Dan Jackson continue to set the comics world on fire.  This pairing could very well teach lessons to those who think they know what they are doing when it comes to illustrating stories.  Their use of facial expressions, colour and the like are pretty much unparalleled in the industry today.
            I have said it before and I will continue to say that this book isn’t just for Star Wars fans.  It is for fans of exceptional writing, art and those that like to see the human nature explored while getting great doses of action and adventure.
            Here is hoping that the next arc isn’t too far off.

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