Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review: Conan #3

Conan is drunk with passion until his depth of perception comes abound with classy yet deceptive premonitions at the final few pages. It’s elementary a tool by a writer but one that Brian Wood pulls off with genuine skill. Wood is such a boss here…it isn’t funny. Conan lost his old crew to Belit but as fast as he fell for her beauty, she fell for his might and bravery. It’s a perfect match and one filled with a wide range of lust, support and an anchor of duty. Conan seeks purpose and his loins tell him where he should find this. Sad but true.

Overall, he feels there’s vindication and liberation in becoming the lover of Belit as it gives him a chance to make a mark in the world. As quick as he puts his past friendships away, his judgment seems steeply clouded with Belit’s fire burning and searing into his soul. Conan is going to be tested and with such trials and tribulation, he may well fall short. He enters the belly of the beast…pun intended…to set the world on a better path…but may find himself lost in the ire of a woman. Scorning a tryst with Belit may have been the better bet, but Conan doesn’t hedge any of them when he gets a chance to carve his name into the world. This may be his biggest mistake ever but with a script drawn by Becky Cloonan…I can’t wait for the next issue (9/10)

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