Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review:Broken Pieces #3

We’re starting to get some real answers here as our patchwork man begins to remember who and what he is or rather was. I like that it’s being pieced together here and there and not all at once but rather as he is experiencing new events. It seems more like a natural thing to have happen rather than convenient.

Richard has also met and made some new friends who seem nonplussed by his appearance. Granted he wants to find his wife and doesn’t have time to spend with these guys the way they would like him too. Though I think circumstances will find him becoming not just allies with these people. After all they have a common enemy in Trinion.

I’m just afraid that his association with these people could them all killed. After all Mr. Ludas has Dr. Adams, Richards wife, working for him and his troops who had their rear ends handed to them have already reported back about being defeated by this monster and that the lab was destroyed.

Poor Richard he has some hard choices to make and he is remembering more and more about who he is and was that he’s having a hard time handling it. Plus he had little Sophie follow him when he was ambushed by Ludas’ men. She better be alright, she’s just a child after all and a cute one at that.

To me this is a modern day futuristic telling of Frankenstein’s monster only it’s harder to tell who the monster here is. I do like that Earth’s atmosphere has been irrevocably damaged and there is no cure in sight. It smacks of things we know of today such as Global Warming and our raping of the natural world. This could be our near future, or at least one possible version of it. I think that is part of the appeal here too that this isn’t as far fetched as one might possibly think.

I’m super impressed with the complexity of the story, the characterization going on and the books pacing. Plus the art is pretty darn good too, complimenting the words nicely. If Aspen can keep this on schedule it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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